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Wings, Drapes, and Hair Salons: A Fun Chat with Max Brewer
NCO 038

N: Hi Max! How have you been? Could you sum up your past year in just three words for us?

M: Hello! I’m well, thank you!
The last year has been eye-opening, unknowing and metamorphic.

N: Your work seems to exude a blend of drama and fun. Which of these aspects do you feel drives your creative process more – the drama or the fun?

M: I use fun to make drama more characterful and palatable. I tend to tip the balance of these depending on what emotion I want to portray.

N: Your recent collaboration with Di Petsa caught my attention. How did this partnership come to fruition?

M: I really love their technique and I admire their ethereal inclusivity so I reached out to them. They could see that I have instinctual draping and structural skills which lead to me making the finale look of their show. Which I feel showcases an essence of my creativity and has spring-boarded me into some exciting upcoming opportunities!

N: In the Di Petsa show, you showcased the striking "ANGEL" look. We have also seen you incorporate angels in your graduation collection. What's the story behind your fascination with angels?

M: Angels to me mean freedom and empowerment. I feel as if the iconography and artworks give a lot of relatability to trans, non-binary, queer people. Angels relate to us as powerful, graceful and strong. My love of draping, fantasy and natural forms make Angels an emotive place for me to find inspiration.

N: Hair is also a recurring presence in your work, from hair accessories to hair foil hats to "hair-ography" in your photos. Could you share more about the significance of hair in your creative expression?

M: I grew up in salons my whole life. My dad was an Artistic Director of Toni & Guy in the late 80s so I was always surrounded by hair imagery.

I was often in the salons feeling the stylists energy as they worked on the floor, flicking through hair photography books or even dancing around the floors with a broom!

F: If you had to choose one item from your own wardrobe to represent your personal style, what would it be and why?

M: My drapey hooded tops are a perfect little piece of me. As the first garment that I am producing and selling, they show a balance of fun, drama and sex. While still maintaining effortless elegance and wearability.

All images courtesy of Max Brewer.
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