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Transhumanist Prosthetics and Horror: A Conversation with Julian Dimase
NCO 047

Julian Dimase is a master of prosthetic art, known for crafting nightmarish and fantastical creations that challenge our notions of beauty and humanity. With a deft hand and keen eye for detail, Dimase transforms the human form into something otherworldly, blending horror and transhumanism in a way that is both captivating and unsettling.

N: In your work, there seems to be a prevalent theme of horror, nightmarish, and almost transhumanist gore, accompanied by a fascination with the marvelous and slightly mutant. Am I correct in this observation? What aspects of these themes intrigue you the most? What draws you to these specific areas of interest?

J: I’ve always been drawn to horror, since I was a child as young as 6, I’ve always gravitated towards horror films and the nightmarish contents within. As I’ve gotten older I’ve been drawn to the darker side of fashion and beauty which has been the catalyst for my work since and forever evolving. I see my work as transcending human limits—with no restrictions on reality.

If we were to be whomever or whatever we wanted, what could that look like with no limitations?

What draws me so much to the realm of horror is the thrill and rush of it all. Nothing is better than seeing something that has an emotional and physical pull on you, and horror does that for me. Through my work I hope to give that to others in my own otherworldly magical way.

N: Your creations display an exceptional level of detail and craftsmanship. What materials do you typically use for your prosthetics? Do you enjoy experimenting with unconventional materials or do you adhere to established techniques?

J: I use an array of products, everything from general household products to high end film grade prosthetic materials. I believe it’s not what you use but how you use it. You definitely have some perks when you have access to high end merch, but platinum silicone is the one material I couldn’t live without and use for almost everything in some capacity.

N: Could you share your professional journey with us? How did you start and how did you find yourself immersed in these practices?

J: I've been doing makeup and prosthetics since I was 13 years old, and continued to do it as a hobby and learn techniques through the remainder of my school education. When I was 17 years old I then completed a diploma of cinema makeup & prosthetics. After that, through networking with teachers and friends, I worked my way up in local prosthetic workshops and film makeup artists until I reached a point of being a prosthetic artist. I have now worked professionally full time in film and TV for the last 8 years and still am going strong. I have had great opportunities to work on some of Australia’s biggest films and TV shows of the last decade and am forever grateful to my peers and mentors for the ride.  Alongside working in film full time, I take on editorial and fashion work between jobs and focus on my own installments and creative pieces in the midst of it all.

N: Lastly, what are some of your current obsessions or areas of focus? What do you dream of you doing in the next few years?

J: My current obsession is 2000’s and 2010’s horror films. There is something so special to me about these two decades repertoires and the tacky slashers they contain. Movies such as Jennifer’s Body, Trick 'r Treat, Thirteen Ghosts and Cursed are to name a few that really get me inspired in the nnon-traditional sense. I always envision these movies and themes with my own ideas and how I would create my characters and the worlds surrounding them—bringing forth my prosthetic concepts. I am also very heavily influenced by the music I listen to. I often put my Spotify on a random shuffle in other categories until I land on a song that sparks a concept in my head—either heavy electro rock or super fem pop music.

All images courtesy of Julian Dimase.
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