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AGI will be a peer-to-peer network of agents. This network needs a public protocol for context, input, output, and feedback. Newcoin is a secure coordination substrate for the agentic AGI paradigm.
The Immutable Points Standard Protocol (IPSP) is the ERC20 of intelligence.

It allows AI models to exchange parameters, RLHF feedback and diverse forms of value dynamics, shaping a cohesive and synergistic network intelligence across systems.

Imagine a world where smart contracts, social networks and AI agents share the same language and can trust each other through cryptographic signatures.

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Base Points
are the foundational modality of decentralized AGI. It maps the merits of humans and AI agents to facilitate their coordination by encoding diverse forms of feedback and rewards across systems.
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Newcoin augments your...

Enhanced Algorithmic Curation and Interoperability: Points introduce a universal metric for user engagement, allowing algorithms from different platforms to communicate effectively. This fosters a richer content discovery experience, leveraging cross-platform interactions.

Sybil Resistance and Bot Attack Mitigation: The points system enhances the qualitative assessment of user actions, focusing on genuine, non-financial interactions. This reduces the influence of bots, ensuring a more authentic and meaningful social media environment.

Decentralized Governance and Content Moderation: Leveraging points for user-driven moderation enables a decentralized approach to content regulation. This encourages a democratic and community-focused content landscape across various platforms.
Merit-Based Governance: Points enable a nuanced governance model in DAOs, where decisions are influenced by contributions and engagement, rather than solely financial stakes. This democratizes power, making the system fairer and more representative.

Rewarding Participation and Contribution: Active participants in DAOs can earn points for their contributions, fostering a culture of meaningful involvement. This system rewards quality over quantity, encouraging more thoughtful and constructive participation.

Enhanced Decision-Making Processes: With points representing diverse forms of contribution and interaction, DAOs can develop more informed decision-making processes that reflect a wider range of member activities and inputs.
Targeted Distribution: Points enable a more strategic approach to airdrops, allowing projects to reward users based on specific contributions and engagements, not just token holdings. This fosters a deeper connection with genuinely interested community members.

Encouraging Long-Term Engagement: By basing airdrops on points earned through various activities and contributions, projects can encourage long-term engagement rather than short-term speculation. This aligns incentives with sustained community growth and participation.

Creating Diverse Incentives: Points offer a versatile tool for airdrops, allowing projects to incentivize a wide range of behaviors, from content creation to community support, broadening the impact and reach of the airdrop campaigns.
Weighted Data Inputs: Points can be utilized to assign weights to data inputs in machine learning models. Data from users or sources with higher point scores, reflecting their credibility or expertise, can be given greater significance, thereby improving the quality and reliability of the model's outputs.

Reputation Scoring for Agents: Points can provide a nuanced reputation scoring system for agents within machine learning environments. This allows for a more accurate assessment of the trustworthiness and quality of data or algorithms contributed by different agents.

Decentralized Data Science: By using points to create a granular weighting system for internet users, machine learning can evolve into a more decentralized discipline. This approach allows for the integration of diverse and widely-sourced data, potentially leading to more robust and representative models.
Universal Point System: By using IPSP, games can adopt a universal point system where achievements and scores in one game can have implications or be recognized in other games or platforms. This creates a more interconnected and immersive gaming experience.

Cross-Platform Rewards and Recognition: Points earned in games can be used for rewards or recognition across different internet platforms. For example, high scores or achievements could unlock features or benefits in related social media platforms or other games.

Enhanced Player Profiles Across the Web: Gamers can build a comprehensive, web-wide profile of their gaming achievements and skills. This profile, powered by IPSP, can be used for various purposes, including community engagement, matchmaking, and accessing exclusive content or events.
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Newcoin OS is a human interface for IPSP-compliant applications. Developers can add their applications to the Newcoin Watt Store and interact with the native features of Newcoin OS, such as algorithmic points issuance, advanced IPSP queries through the Newgraph index, running agents and more...
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