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Newcoin is an intelligent coordination layer between Validators, Verifiers, and Creators. Imagine a world where each interaction embodies the meaning and wisdom of the Internet; a dataverse where creative energy is no longer lost in the silos of fragmented platforms, but compounded, valued, and recognized universally. 
Build on Newcoin
The Proof-of-Creativity (PoC) algorithm measures creative value by aggregating diverse validation processes from various sources into a universal metric. It does so by applying a logarithmic function that incorporates different aspects of a creator's profile, represented as Verification Energy ($VWATT), Skill Energy ($SWATT), Contribution Energy ($CWATT) etc.

The computed WATT tokens function as an identity proxy, reflecting the expended creative energy, and thus provide a platform-agnostic, weighted consensus on creative value, enhancing and equalizing the quality of economic interactions across the web3 creative economy.

Welcome to Newcoin, a world where creativity is currency, and innovation has no bounds. Your journey to building the future of creativity begins here.
Become a validator
Incentivize Creative Excellence by Issuing PowerUPs to your Creative Contributors. Reward creative communities by acknowledging their valuable contributions with WATT — the Soulbound token that crystallizes creative energy. As a Validator, you shape the world of tomorrow by fueling the passions of today's creators.

How it works

Validators issue standardised credentials called PowerUP. A PowerUP can be a direct query to the Proof-of-Creativity smart contract, an onchain NFT or a cryptographically signed Verifiable Credential offchain.

Examples of Data Objects

~ Owns a Urbit planet
~ Long term holder of FwB
~ Followed by person X on social media
~ 10 Collects on Lens
~ Voted on Jokerace
~ Featured on xyz media outlet
~ I worked at xyz credential
~ Sold NFTs to high WATT wallet
~ Early buyer of Milady
~ Gitcoin grantee
~ Member of xyx DAO credential
~ Received investment from xyz

Validator Toolkit

As a validator, you can issue PowerUPs by 
Forking the PowerUP API on GitHub
Issuing ZK NFT Soulbound tokens on Sismo
Issuing Verifiable Credentials on Ceramic Network
Become a verifier
Compose a Smarter Mechanism Design by Tapping into the WATT.

As a Verifier, you hold the key to smarter decision-making within networks. Use the WATT metric to prioritize high-value creators, providing your network with a transformative level of quality and integrity.

How it works

Read the WATT token balance and verify the weight of any user or blockchain wallet to automate decisions around resources allocation or exposure.

Examples of

~ Pass discord bot gate
~ Token and NFT airdrop based on WATT threshold
~ DAO voting weight
~ Free transactions on blockchain X
~ Free computing quota
~ Freemium feature quota
~ Undercollateralized loan
~ Access to NFT markets on buyer and seller sides
~ Faster access to grant
~ Lifting social media limits

Verifier Toolkit

As a validator, you can query the WATT balance using:
RPC nodes
TheGraph API
Contract address
A unified trust graph
for the New Economy.
Newgraph Is a multi-tenant machine learning pipeline built on top of the Newcoin Proof-of-Creativity algorithm, unlocking a new paradigm of computation tapping into the network intelligence of the Newcoin ecosystem to make data smarter. It opens new opportunities sucg as Weighted Reinforcement Learning From Human Feedback (WRLHF), Weighted Collaborative Filtering and more.
Import signals from any blockchain or social graph history into your Avatar and manifest the power of holistic graph recommendations combined with zero-knowledge algorithms for collaborative filtering.
A new graph of Creative Energy
Universal Feedback Analytics Graph Newgraph supports the seamless interconnection and coordination of various generative intelligences. Imagine a Machine Learning pipeline where all data inputs and Human Feedback is weighted based on the WATT value of the issuer.
Multi-Tenant Graph Architecture By enabling multiple applications to coexist and interact within the same graph, Newgraph's multi-tenant architecture facilitates coordination towards exponential collective creativity.
Exponential Collective Creativity Newgraph becomes smarter as more Creators and Validators join the network. Weighted PowerUPs compound, queries capture more depth of the collective intelligence of the network, ensuring better machine learning model training and better business decisions.