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Vectoshi Newkamoto
The Newcoin middleware infrastructure generates algorithmic identity proxies for blockchain wallets, unlocking a new paradigm of composable mechanism design. From weighted quadratic voting, to discoverability, and compute pricing, an infinity of unlocks to foster more discerning ecosystems.
Newcoin introduces a new paradigm for network intelligence blending open algorithms and decentralized identity proxies, Newcoin offers the rails for network intelligence synergy. Think of it as a general purpose algorithm that allows you to discern the humanity, creativity, influence and trustworthiness of a blockchain wallet by querying an account-bound ERC-20 balance.

Newcoin is a decentralized algorithm for blockchain networks, social networks and neural networks to interoperate. Instead of running behind the firewalls of each individual and monolithic application, Newcoin operates in plain sight and can be queried universally by any system to enhance sybil resistance, curation, machine learning training weights and unlock new forms of algorithmic synergies across diverse networks.

Under the hood, Newcoin is a log of cryptographically signed credentials that are processed in parallel using a probabilistic state machine to achieve a shared consensus state powered by the Proof-of-Creativity algorithm. Proof-of-Creativity generates an algoritmic identity proxy called the WATT (of creative energy) allowing networks to enhance the discernment of value creation by network participants, akin to Google's PageRank, applied to decentralized identity systems.
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A unified Metric for Synergistic Intelligence
Imagine a world where networks collaboratively share their mechanistic and algorithmic scores, creating a universal Proof-of-Creativity for all creators. Newcoin is not just a vision but a reality, actively integrating with networks and onboarding creators from diverse domains.

Newcoin is designed to interface with diverse systems, handling varied input data types and formats. By strictly regulating output while accommodating a broad spectrum of inputs, networks achieve consistent and clear communication across nodes.

As Newcoin collects data signals, the Proof-of-Creativity algorithm recursively adjusts its centrality measurement and makes the next computation more accurate and relevant. Inspired by Google's PageRank algorithm, each node carries a weight that impacts the whole hypernetwork.

Newcoin is designed to mutualize data and computation into a shared intelligence greater than the sum of their separate intelligence. A like on social media enhances the decentralization of a consensus mechanism which in turn fuels better data inputs to ML pipelines. All networks grow together regardless of their topology.
Import signals from any blockchain or social graph history into your Avatar and manifest the power of holistic graph recommendations combined with zero-knowledge algorithms for collaborative filtering.
A new graph of Creative Energy