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Sad Ibiza Pop ! Sodomland's Story of Romance, Mythology and Sound
NCO 082

N: Hey, guys! I'm stoked to finally get to chat with you. Can you share how you two met and what sparked the decision to kick off this project together?

S: Hi, nice to chat with you too! We actually met through Tinder, haha, and started hanging out a lot.

We went on a road trip to the Dolomites together, where we fell in love. It was in that same area where we later shot the music video for our song 'Dark Bride.'

Doing projects together was kind of always part of our relationship. Global already had experience in music and started producing his own stuff at this time. Siisyland had a background in photography and 3D animation.

What sparked the decision to start this project was the fact that we loved working together, motivating each other, and creating a platform where we could publish our collaborative work. When the pandemic hit, we found ourselves rushing into projects, probably as a way to cope with the isolation. Sarah also started to produce music, and we both learned a lot about 3D stuff. So we obsessively put all our time into creating musical and visual projects. Sodomland provided us with a framework to continue working together. And we had a lot of fun doing so; it became our own little world where we could explore and express our ideas.

N: Tell me a bit about the story behind your name, Sodomland. Can you shed some light on this?

S: That's a secret.

N: Your work is undeniably visual. If you could describe your sound as a single image, what would it look like? Give us a mental picture.

S: Since a friend of us, MYEN, pictured our sound as Sad Ibiza Pop, we stuck with this image. Catchy melodies wash over you like waves, blending harmoniously with the melancholic sound of undine and the occasional jetski whizzing by.

We love absurd images that seem ordinary in some way but fascinating or disturbing in another.

For us, Sad Ibiza Pop is a beguiling and introspective musical feeling that seamlessly blends the emotional and melancholic undertones of contemporary pop with the euphoric essence of Ibiza as a metaphor for a fictional pop paradise. It captures life's fleeting moments, intertwining wistful lyrics with haunting melodies and elements of inescapable pop anthems that transport you to the sun-kissed shores of Ibiza.

N: In your storytelling, you blend together elements of nature, mythology, and magical creatures. If you had to pinpoint one recurring theme that threads through all your work, what would that be?

S: Siisyland grew up in a small village surrounded by nature, animals, and forests, kind of isolated. She always loved to escape into the world of dragons, orcs, and fantasy.

On the other hand, Global grew up in the city, immersed in the world of rap music, kind of contrary starting points.

So we think that one ongoing theme in our work is contrast, embodied by the presence of hybrid creatures, beings that are part human and part animal.

In our visuals, we want to cross the boundaries between reality and fiction, using collective symbolism and mythological figures such as centaurs to express our ideas. These shapeshifters kind of symbolize the fluidity of identity and challenge the boundaries of what is considered 'normal' or 'natural'. We love to blur the line between reality and fantasy, and we love to get lost in DIY scenes, Cosplay, and the Furry scene, expressing our love for the creative process and the escapism it offers.

We draw heavy inspiration from artists like Matthew Barney, who masterfully creates grotesque environments inhabited by mythological figures, formed around intense social dynamics that alter our state of perception.

N: I've noticed you sometimes release music as a duo, and at other times you release singles separately while still collaborating on the visuals. What's the thought process behind this? How do your artistic paths converge, and in what ways do they diverge?

S: It's not always easy, haha. After our first album, we wanted to know more about how we express ourselves as individuals. Also, in a sense, to meet again and keep the collaboration interesting and sparkling with new energy from both of us.

Our paths may converge and diverge in some parts, but the most important thing for us is the mutual support we have for each other.

By releasing our work under Sodomland, we acknowledge both our individuality and our connection as an entity.

N: You both appear to be deeply rooted in the creative and cultural scene of Berlin. Who have you found to make up your community of supporters? What do they do? Who are the people that embody the essence of Sodomland?

S: We met some incredibly talented people, such as 4d8k, cmdc, softworld, and MYEN, who have not only become our friends but have also left a lasting impact on us through their work. Also, we have the feeling that especially over the last 1-2 years, there's a growing scene in Berlin, mainly formed through the contributions of labels like Transatlantic, Soul Feeder, and Charmlink, as well as the existence of venues like TraumaBarundKino, Tennis Bar, and Kwia.

These people/places have cultivated a space that encourages collaboration and fosters a sense of community among like-minded people/producers and friends. We are grateful for the support, inspiration, and friendship that this community offers.

All images courtesy of Sodomland

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