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From Printmaking To Panasonic: Hendrik Schneider
NCO 068

D: Hey Hendrik, so happy to have you here with us ! Tell us a bit about you, your creative journey and your main sources of inspiration!

H: Hey ! I studied printmaking and graphics in London at Camberwell College of Arts. I always had a passion for print. I mostly did screen printing and etching. Back then, I was very interested in the printing process of money, with all the security measures that go into making money.. the most advanced of all prints.

Back in 2013, I worked as a graphic designer for 2 years and organically moved into portrait photography. I'm in my 10th year of living off photography now, and I'm always very grateful to work in my profession and being able to live off what I love to do.

My main inspiration stems from conversation, mostly with artists I collaborate with, friends, and my sister who is a philosopher. She is always present, and she's a big source of inspiration to me.

D: Do you usually carry a camera with you? Have you ever formed a connection with any particular piece of equipment? If yes, has that connection perhaps evolved as your career progressed?

H: I mostly carry a Panasonic camcorder with me that I use for my own work and sometimes commercially.

I actually stole it from my mum a couple of years ago, and it quickly became my first choice of camera. What I love about it is that the flash is very close to the lens. It makes everything look really special.

D: What was your initial connection with the fashion industry? What sparked your interest in it and what keeps you drawn to this world?

H: When I was in my teens I wanted to become a fashion designer and study in Berlin under Vivienne Westwood - unfortunately that didn’t happen for me. But I always had the utmost respect for fashion designers and loved 90s fashion ads in magazines. And I just simply love clothes.

D: And what about music?

H: I’m a techno kid who grew up in and around Frankfurt - that was my in into music.

D: Are there any memorable encounters or experiences that your photography journey has led you to?

H: There are a lots of stories actually.

Every picture has a story, a process behind it - that’s what I like, the process that involves the work with teams. It’s literally my job to document special moments. I wouldn’t be able to highlight one here!

D: What are your thoughts on the impact of emerging technologies, media, and easy access to capture devices in the field of photography and film? Do these developments concern or excite you? What advice or insights would you like to share with someone who's just beginning to explore image creation in this ever-evolving landscape?

H: I love new developments in optics. I’m especially a fan of Peter Karbe at Leica.

I’m not so much a fan of the iPhone ai and some in-camera technology makes pictures look too stereotypical for my taste. I think ideas are more fun than technology, but some ideas require a certain technology to come across as real.

For someone at the start - I would recommend to try lots of different technologies to arrive at the feel one is aiming for.

I feel like trying things out is good.

D: Lastly, what are you up to these days? Any exciting projects in the works that you'd like to talk about?

H: I’m in the US a lot in the past years. I think growing up in Germany, with so much influence of the US, it feels good to be at the source of that influence. It feels a bit like coming finally home. I’m doing a few projects for my self at the moment which feel really real - I haven’t done that for a while.

All images courtesy of Hendrik Schneider.
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