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Siberians Do It Better: Getting to Know The Uber-Mysterious Fashion Label Glumkimberly
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N: Hey Bogdan! How's it going? Let's kick things off by having you introduce yourself. Your brand has this air of mystery, and you're definitely more comfortable staying behind the scenes. I heard you grew up on a farm in Siberia. Could you share a bit about your early life and what led you to start your own brand?

"Die Schmutzige Schwestern” collection ss24

G: Hello! I was born and brought up in Siberia - desolate, vast, and feels like buried alive. Life there is a kind of dead freedom. You feel cut off from big goals or any real calling.

My family, they were artisans, have been for generations. We kept a farm and cattle. That was our simple, maybe glum, happiness. I lived on this farm for 18 years, surrounded by images and ideas.

One of those images was glumkimberly. On a particularly gloomy winter evening, I felt a strong desire to bring the image of glumkimberly to life, an image that came to me during those low moments from the Siberian landscape's starkness. I went to learn sewing from a family friend in the trade. But after 6 months of study, she tragically ended her life. The passion and belief that my teacher, Natalia, held, I carry with me even today.

ss23 collection «Mit Schlimmsten Wünschen»

N: Now, about that name, Glumkimberly. Where did that come from? And how does the idea of "glum" play into the overall vibe of your brand?

G: Glumkimberly, for me, is like a sullen holiday. It's the feeling I got when I'd step into the backyard after the day's work on the farm was done, and everything went quiet.

N: I've been keeping up with your brand for a couple of years now, and it's been super fun to see its evolution. From upcycled pieces that people had to DM you to buy, to a full-blown brand with collections and much more elaborate productions. Can you talk about how things have evolved in recent years, including how you've expanded your production? Where do you get your fabrics, and who's helping you bring the brand to life?

G: Glumkimberly now lives in an old mansion in the heart of the capital. The brand began to evolve when I decided to stay within the confines of this house.

For a long time, I sewed alone because it was hard to find skilled people. But now, it's not just me. I have an assistant, and we sew by hand. Sewing, for me, is my connection to glumkimberly.

Glumkimberly's first collection

Over time, people have come and become part of Glumkimberly, forming a close-knit team of four. Our bond is as deep as that quiet moment in the backyard after a long day at the farm.

As for our materials, we get them from an old, somewhat grumpy lady who's passionate about finding unique fabrics from around the world for her craft. Every item we make starts from scratch; we don’t use recycled materials.

N: What I love about your social media is that it gives off this mysterious fairytale image that you are based in a big countryside villa in the middle of the forest...Is that far from the truth?

G: Once you get to know glumkimberly, it doesn't matter where you physically are. All paths, in a sense, lead to that frozen window of a Siberian forest mansion, where glumkimberly's spirit truly lies.

N: Your designs often have a folkloristic feel, blending traditional Russian costume with streetwear elements. Your last two collections, "Mit Schlimmsten Wünschen," and “Die Schmutzige Schwestern” have a very distinct German Bavarian vibe. Can you share what inspired this collection?

G: The clothes I create are inspired by what Glumkimberly might want to encounter on a journey, searching for home.

All images courtesy of Glumkimberly

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