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Storybook Fantasy With Yuri Nosho
NCO 067

Yuri, I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to interview you! Your creations are absolutely stunning, and I'm in awe of the way you use fabrics, accessories, makeup, and a plethora of other items to create these fantastical worlds that feel like something straight out of a storybook. Your collaborations with Prada, Devilschu, and Ruiofficial are beyond impressive and serve as a testament to your incredible talent.

D: Could you share a little bit about yourself and how you got started in the world of fashion and photography?

Y: I'm currently working mainly as a freelance stylist. I remake outfits from time to time.

Since I was a child, I have loved to touch clothes, art, and listen to music. I tried many things in my own way, but the world of fashion felt the most comfortable to me.

D: I'm fascinated by your use of different materials and how each detail is perfectly placed within your chaotic yet balanced narratives. How do you go about putting together an outfit? Are there certain steps you follow, or how do you connect with your ideas?

Y:  I always try to input information to sharpen my five senses as much as possible.

I refer to the details of partial parts of magazines, video works, and works of art regardless of age, and assemble them in my mind like a puzzle, and then actually output them.

After seeing the result, I adjust it again sensuously.

D: If you had describe your creations in 3 words, what would they be?

Y: Strange - Interesting - Dreamy

D: So now a personal note, what are 3 things in your room that you absolutely love?

Y: All my costumes and accessories - My stuffed animals - My bed

D: I'm curious about what inspires you and who your biggest influences are. Are there any particular places, people, movies, music, or cultures that influence your work?

Y: I'm always influenced by different places, music, movies and artists.

I am still very attached to the things I loved as a child.

D: Lastly, I'd love to know what emojis best describe you today. What you have planned for the rest of the day?

The best emoji to describe myself today is 👗.

My head is full of styling and clothes, including upcoming jobs, events, and custom creations.

All images courtesy of Yuri Nosho
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