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BarbieDrugz's Meant-to-Be Fashion Story
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Hello Fabio! I am so excited to interview you ! I must say your recent works are some of the best I have seen in recent times. From your collaborations with designers like Balenciaga and Namilia, your work as a stylist dressing people like Tatiana Chudnovskaia, your modeling for AnnaKiki and Youngpoets, your duo with Nastya Burlaka, your feature on Farfetch.. there has just been so much going on in your life lately that I don't even know where to start!

D: Can you tell us a little more about yourself, your background, and how you first became interested in fashion? What was little-kid Fabio like?

F: When I was young, I was actually never interested in fashion. My parents were very normal and modern, but weren't really interested in fashion. At 13 years old, my dream job was to become a farmer, LOL.

But eventually, when I discovered Lady Gaga, I got more and more interested in fashion and also dressing the way I want. My favorite style back then was scene, so I always wanted to dye my hair funky colors and get loads of piercings. Then I got more and more into fashion and experimenting with my style and realized how big of a part of my life it takes.

In 2018, I moved to Berlin to originally study fashion design, which I quickly discarded because I realized I love wearing and visualizing looks but don't actually see myself making them. I started working in retail but always with my own style and Instagram in mind.

Now, 8 years later, fashion became an addiction which I can never live without anymore.

D: How did you start your Youtube channel?

F: I actually started 7 years ago because I just wanted to share more of my style and interest in fashion. It started with a lookbook, and a "How I style bandshirts" followed shortly after. Then I had a long break because of moving to Berlin and also not having much to talk about, tbh. During the lockdown, I rediscovered my love and fun for YouTube and started making fashion hauls.

Now, I mainly use my YouTube to vlog important moments of my life, like going to Paris for Balenciaga or Milan to walk the Annakiki show.

A big part of YouTube is also myself. I love to rewatch my videos and relive those moments of my life that make me insanely proud and happy. In everyday life, you tend to forget what you have achieved, and it's just nice to rewatch the videos.

D: Out of all your projects and collaborations, what has been a favourite so far?

F: My first big collaboration was Farfetch, which made me insanely happy. In 2022, Balenciaga followed, which is still insane to me and probably will be my favorite forever because I just can't believe that me, a small-town boy, went to Paris Fashion Week for such a big brand!

Now, working with Namilia is amazing as well because I have so much creative freedom to do things that I love and envision. I'm also pushing myself to try different things.

D: Your impressive curation skills for your Instagram feed are evident in your choice of brands and projects to collaborate with. Can you share how you select the images you post and the proposals you accept?

F: For my images, I mainly post what feels right to me! I can't describe it; it's just an inner feeling that tells me what exactly to post and which pictures to choose.

This is also how I select my collaborations! Firstly, I check the stock to see if it fits my aesthetic and if I would feel good promoting it! I love working with small businesses to support upcoming and visionary designers.

D: What would you say are your biggest sources of inspiration?

F: Number one is obviously the internet. I love Instagram and YouTube to get inspired. Secondly, I like to watch people on the streets, which can be hard because I don't see people with the same aesthetic often. But it's amazing to see different people with different styles and aesthetics and draw my own inspiration from it.

D: Lastly, what do you obsess over in the fashion world, and what do you enjoy doing outside of the field?

It's pretty obvious that I am obsessed with Balenciaga. Their aesthetic is just spot on, and it's one of the few brands that completely resonates with my style and aesthetic. Especially, I love their handbags, particularly their Cagole bag. If I could, I would own every single color and style, probably.

Outside of fashion, I'm a pretty boring person, lol. I love staying in with my boyfriend and cat and spending some family time. My family is really important to me, so whenever I have time, I go visit my mom who lives on the other side of Germany. Other than that, I don't really have any other hobby.

I live and breathe fashion in every aspect of my life.

All pictures courtesy from Fabio Heydorn.
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