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Getting The Inside Scoop on Up-And-Coming Muscovite Trends with Our Friend Pavel Babak
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N: Hey Pavel !! It's great to have you here.  Why don't you tell us a little about yourself, where are you based, and the projects that you are working on?

P: My name is Pavel Babak. I'm a 27-year-old stylist and fashion consultant currently based in Moscow.

I’m working on lots of commercial projects at the moment, but I have to keep it zipped due to NDAs! And to be honest, these are not that exciting to me; however, the thing that I'm very thrilled about is the new King Kong Magazine issue I'm featured in, both as a model and a stylist. This should come out before New Year’s, along with three other art projects that I will be sharing on Instagram, so keep an eye on my page!

Follow me! I need engagement! LOL😃

N: Why don't you tell us something you love about working as a stylist and something you hate ?

P: I love being a stylist! And I wouldn’t even consider it work; actually, it’s the opposite—it's like I'm always relaxing. Every project I'm working on brings me happiness. And I love being relaxed and happy! I also enjoy meeting lots of different people on set, and it often happens that we share the same interests. And that makes colleagues turn into friends!

Sometimes it’s not like that, of course. The main thing that upsets me is being met with anger and toxicity. That mostly happens when I'm doing a commercial project, and that can really bring me down. I don’t like being surrounded by negativity, and it takes a lot for me to cope with it after. There’s also worry about expenses, Excel spreadsheets, keeping rented clothes in shape, and returns, returns, returns... The cycle is never-ending! But it can all be solved.

I think there’s routine in every workspace— even if you’re a superstar!

N: What are some fashion brands or trends that are emerging from Russia right now? Anything we need to keep our eye on?

P: The creative scene here is blooming currently. There are lots of cool people, upcoming brands, and artists. Here are some of them (and I gladly recommend you follow them!).

I want to start with the clothing brand Glumkimberly. They have a very distinctive aesthetic that speaks to me. I’ve been following them for a while and finally got two items from their newest collection!

Another brand that I adore is Parc Lunaire, which is a project by two guys that both happen to be my exes. I like their content and how they manage their social media.

It’s only one year old—a little baby—but as I've heard, their figures are astonishing.

Next is SAMB; they’re just getting started, but I'm sure they’re in for a big success. The designer and art director behind SAMB is my friend Una Vertuka, and TRUST… she knows the tea. Regarding the artists I am obsessed with at the moment, they are Daria Denisova (my dream is to purchase one of her art pieces some day) and photographers Slava Porozhny, Elina Shevchenko, and Gleb Viovokum.

N: I like your stamp #styledbypavelbabak on your instagram posts. What are 3 elements that you would say describe your aesthetics or the way you approach fashion styling?

P: I’m glad to hear that; I very much love it too! To be honest, I think I'm still finding myself in this world, so I'm not sure that I have a distinctive style as of right now. Maybe that’s just me, and other people think otherwise. I’m trying not to judge myself and just create something I like!

N: Aside from fashion, do you have any interests or hobbies? Anything you think would surprise people?

P: I'm taking yoga classes; I'm not sure if that would surprise you. Swimming is another hobby of mine, but I always struggle to find time for it. I used to do sports ballroom dancing as a boy, and I really want to make a grand return!

I also plan on trying ballet. I think it will be spontaneous, like pretty much everything in my life

N: Thank you Pavel! Next time we come to Moscow, where can we find you? Any favorite spots?

P: I always try to switch it up, constantly looking for new places to visit. But SIMACH is a staple. Find me there! I will be on the balcony overlooking Tveskoy Blvd, probably vaping a pen that my sis Sima gave me.

To finish off, I would like to use a quote thatwas popular during the Russian MySpace era (we had VK instead of MySpace, but who cares) that perfectly describes me:

"It’s hard to find me, easy to lose, and impossible to forget... "

All baddies captioned their posts like that, and I am a baddie! Anyway, thank you so much for having me! #styledbypavelbabak

All images courtesy of Pavel Babak

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