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Mithril: A Journey through Sound, Vision, and Connection
NCO 070

N: Hi Mithril, how have you been lately? 

M: I've been great, super busy with projects and shows, but I couldn't be happier with that.

N: To start, I would like to ask you about your DJ'ing, which is what I assume most people know you for... what do you like to play these days? Can you tell me a bit about the evolution of your musical taste, starting from your early days as a DJ?

M: I'm kind of all over the place with my mediums.

DJing is something I really like to do to engage with people and to be able to express myself and connect with others out in the real world. 

Lately, I play lots of experimental club music, textural rhythmic noise, and fantastical introspective music, trying to encourage hypnotic feral journeys into the self. 
When I first started to DJ, it was something I didn't want to take seriously or to be known for. I wanted to be known as a producer who just DJs as an activity.
I'd like to move into live sets/performances in the future, I'm just waiting for the time when I can have the freedom to build that for myself.

N: My first encounter with your work was through your music, but after doing some research on you, I realized how multifaceted your practice is. I’m curious to know how technology influences your practice, and how you think it will shape the future of creativity.

M: Honestly, I feel totally infused with technology and the net, I love that feeling of being constantly connected to an infinite world of possibility where anything and everything can happen. 

My brain feels more suited for that kind of state of being. There are a lot of limitations in the real world, and as beautiful as it is, I feel like I can fly when interfacing through technology.
I think it makes the impossible possible, augments our imaginations, and has the power to bring so many people together who would have otherwise never known of each other's existence.

N: All these mediums of expression seem to coexist at night in the context of the underground parties that you frequent. What do you love about Raves?

M: The night is so much more comfortable for me in general, it's quiet, there's less stimulation, more room to breathe. Raves (in the sense of a collection of people coming together and creating a collective flow-state with each other) are special in their immersion. 
Being transported to another place, or inside of oneself, or melded with those around you, is beautiful. The environment is much different than the typical "concert" format which can be more disconnected, with the flow more segmented.

The concept of a "rave" feels like a canvas to experiment with, there are so many possibilities.

N: Taking into consideration all that you do, is there an area of your practice that you would want to explore more in the future? What is to be expected from Mithril!

M: Live performances! Performances in general, multimedia experiences, irl x url hybridizations, immersion immersion immersion.

N: Thank you so much for your time today, and to close off the interview on a lighter note, do you enjoy gaming? Could you tell us a little bit about your gamer self?

M: So much of my experiences center around escapism, and honestly, gaming is another way for me to enter a world that's different from the one we live in. 
These days though, aside from the core influences of my past, it's how I can connect and have fun with my friends, which feels very wholesome. :3

All images courtesy Mithril

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A community-owned AI ecosystem where your creativity converts into a digital currency.
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