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Newforum Hackathon  Season 1
Identity Summer ✺

The Identity Hackathon ✳️ was hosted online by NEWFORUM on Jokerace, with our partners 1kx, Lit Protocol, Disco.xyz, Ceramic, Guild.xyz, Sismo, Gitcoin, Intuition, Orbis, Cyberconnect, and Ethereum Attestation Service offering unique support and prizes for the pioneers and builders creatively using the new web3 identity stack.

Key figures

6 Winners – YouTube Playlist
16 Judges
14 Mentors
31 Builds Submitted

1st Position – Vera AI

Vera is an AI-powered chatbot that helps you understand and verify wallet-connected activity. It can pull information from on-chain activity and wallet-connected apps to dive deep into its patterns, behaviors, and related data to serve up insights you're curious about. Vera can also transform this data into a verifiable attestation.

Demo Video: https://www.loom.com/share/cfaf4cde3317411bbeee8a1d2e9f0885

Dora Hacks: https://dorahacks.io/buidl/7693

2nd Position – Plurality

Plurality is a web3 onboarding protocol that enables the social media users and content creators to migrate to blockchain based web3 social networks by linking, verifying and aggregating their existing social reputation and interests.

Link to Presentation + Demo Video

Link to Dorahacks

Link to Live Demo

Link to Github

3rd Position – Respect Protocol

ever wondered if the transaction you are looking at is an another speculation or your friend really likes this protocol?

hey I'm Helena and we are building a respect dapp where anyone can create their identity and build a reputation graph similar to the ssl certificates that allows and easy exploration of the ecosystem and your friends interactions.

the reputation graph would be a super easy to understand rabbit whole of the users respects that is a real web3 social

Video presentation: https://www.loom.com/share/bfcd05838b204fe8ac7239896a33b322?sid=00e0113a-ef9b-4984-8682-3321a4d3b0ba

4th Position – RADAR Launch

RADAR Launch

Launch is where Builders and creators can share updates on their projects, build onchain reputation for building and get sustainable rewards. The current systems of getting funding are broken, builders need new models to support their work away from the noise of social media, the hoops of funding or the pressure of crowdfunds.

At the same time, builders and Believers have no way to show or build reputation around being early. Launch changes that, at the intersection of support and reputation, every time a user 'creates' or ‘believes’ in projects on chain, they trigger an onchain event, creating interest based reputation. This interest based reputation unlocks endless utility across access, governance, fandom and more. So whether you're interested in the future of AI, creator economies, AR, hip hop or more you can solidify your place in that future and it's history.

In this hackathon we've implemented our onchain beliefs and experimented with a data-graph as well as implemented pool splits to reward builders. Next we're going to implement believer splits and implement time across our data graph.

Watch the explainer & walkthrough: https://www.loom.com/share/3414b65399a44f0cac8bba1b4f98312e?sid=335bec53-5c41-401b-b200-005ebfef2dc4

Check out Launch: https://radarlaunch.app/

Learn about the reputation: proof of future; https://radar.mirror.xyz/2uT8eKm8a_-XLzbMIxKW76vH_21yzm6QcScJNGlIN_M

5th Position – BrainShare

BrainShare is a decentralized protocol by VeramoLabs for collaborative knowledge building. It utilizes Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and W3C Verifiable Credential to enable data portability and take advantage of composable reputation.

BrainShare also utilizes DIDComm so that users can share posts with each other privately or in mixed public/private environments.

Since BrainSharePosts are verifiable credentials, they are portable in a way that online posts generally are not. This means that posts can be referenced by (or embedded within) posts on a different platform, without relying on API access from a centralized provider (which can be revoked or modified at any time) or resorting to "low-tech" screenshots.

6th Position – Esoteric Taste Cards

Esoteric is a web3 virtual wardrobe and social styling tool helping fashion enthusiasts create their best outfits and take their style everywhere, digitally.

Right now, your taste and preferences are scattered across a fragmented landscape of moodboards, online retail accounts, on-chain history, - none of which talk to each other.

This fragmentation means not only that you, as a consumer, aren't being understood but in today's fashion landscape where taste is relevancy - you cannot 'prove your taste' .

That's why for the New Forum Hackathon, we've developed 'Taste Card' a digital identifier of your personal taste. In the short term, Taste Card is a shareable profile of your personal taste and style. Our long term vision, however, is to unify all the data that goes into making up your personal taste and style and make it portable, allowing you to both prove your taste and cultural credibility when you need, and leverage your taste to hyper-personalise your fashion experiences wherever you go.

Presentation (2 mins): https://www.loom.com/share/46ce92e53bd04f3a8c1d0121bf4bcba8?sid=43db1fc8-78aa-4fb9-b37e-0e2fff049120

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