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Bliss & Romance... An Intimate Conversation with heartcoregirl
NCO 061

Through her music and art, Heartcoregirl explores emotions, intimacy, and the ever-evolving nature of love. In an intimate conversation, Heartcoregirl reflects on her journey as a musician and artist, sharing insights on her raw and ethereal sound, the importance of the internet in her creative process, and embracing the life of being an e-girl. She also discusses the significance of the term "core", as well as the creation of the collaborative visual arts magazine.

N: Hii heartcoregirl, how have you been doing lately?

H: Hi…I’m feeling a mix of highs and lows, bliss then anxiety as always. I’m in London right now on another Hiatus from Glasgow, romanticizing home a little, but also glad to be on the move and free.

Creative direction (Heartcoregirl) / Photography & Post Production (Ralf Hersborg)
Clothing Designer & Styling (Neon) / MUA & Movement (Ratty Nye Davies)

N: I’ve known of you first because of your track “Plush”, it became such an underground sexy music classic already. 
And I noticed that your more recent sound has been much more raw and ethereal, like echoes of distant dreams (if that makes any sense).
Could you give us some insights on where you are heading sonically?

H: Thank you for saying Plush is sexy…
Plush is one of the tracks I posted on Soundcloud that I made incidentally -having fun and working with Rapallo. It was made on a warm summer day, singing dumb lyrics with friends. A few of my songs have unexpected niche popularity which I find cool.  
At heart I love poetry and I love the sounds of shoegaze, creating something ethereal and true. My newer songs have felt more similar to the music I love and grew up listening to and embrace the sadness and darkness I have felt, experiences in intimacy, and trying to transcend into an all-encompassing ethereal reality.

I spent a lot of time alone or feeling alone as a child/teenager so creating a world for myself to inhabit has always been necessary.

N: How has it been to tour and perform music live? Has it influenced the way you create music too?

H: Performing in Tokyo and NYC was a dream, as well as London, and around the UK/ Berlin. The trajectory from being an online entity to a performer is cool- I enjoy getting dressed up and being on stage- the intimacy with the audience and being vulnerable. I still have never performed in my home city of Glasgow, I often feel quite lonely here. 

N: I wanted to ask you the previous question because it seemed that you focus a lot of your practice around your life as an e-girl, scene blogger. 
I would assume for instance that your music would be made in your room like all these photos you used to post. 
What is the importance of the internet in your artistic practices?

Creative Direction (Heartcoregirl) / Photography & Post Production (Ralf Hersborg)
Clothing Designer & Styling (Neon) / MUA & Movement (Ratty Nye Davies)

H: My music is made in my bedroom on a cheap mic, and sometimes in other people’s bedrooms. A lot of my collaborators and producers are international, connections are made online over dms.

I like making meaningful music with people I have never met. It’s all about relating to someone's essence instinctively and sharing similar eclectic influences and visions.

I find it fun to embrace the concept of an e-girl. Growing up online being this kind of girl has been a sensual, fun, and rewarding experience…! ;) lol
I grew up obsessing over aesthetics, a shared experience for many of us e-girls…
I feel that being an e-girl is a fate I did not specifically choose, yet have chosen to embrace- having an online persona is like being a doll or a drawing, it is malleable and fun to experiment with. 

N: Could you tell us about the “core” aesthetic?

H: Core is a term that I enjoy in its ability to make anything a cultural movement. Hardcore, softcore, 2010 core, heartcore, core core. It reflects the micro-trend culture of today and an obsession with aesthetics. Core magazine was made to validate what we post on the internet as an art form in itself. Core is framed by a shared mood or feeling that is relatable between people across the world online. Although I study fine art, I often find 'throwaway' content by outsiders more emotionally poignant than refined art pieces made in a studio. 

N: Talking of this, you have created what you describe as a “collaborative visual arts magazine”, can you tell us about Core magazine, how did that project come about?

H: Core magazine takes submissions by setting a mood or a tone - such as issue 1-fantasy and escapism, or issue 2-intimacy, desire, and attachment. I then curate the magazine into something physical and tangible, holding onto these feelings and aesthetics, once pixels, before they fall into the ether.

N: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions with us today, to finish on a lighter note, I would like to ask you, heartcoregirl;
What is love for you?

H: Love is how I feel when I look at you.
Love is being in your mother’s arms.
Love is what I have for my childhood dead cat Milly. 

I am continuing to work on projects with a few collaborators that are more raw, and abrasive, and avoiding hyper-polished production (which doesn’t feel sensitive enough to my vision). With Core - Issue 2 is still available to order (tied with a ribbon), and I am organizing immersive CORE magazine events/parties for the mag.

Creative Direction (Heartcoregirl) / Photography & Post Production (Ralf Hersborg)
Clothing Designer & Styling (Neon) / MUA & Movement (Ratty Nye Davies)

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