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Jonas Lang: Gen-Z Gorpcore Guru Talks Living His Best Life in The Alps
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N: Hey Jonas, how's life up there in the Alps treating you? For people who might only know you through your adventure photos, could you give us a quick intro? Tell us a bit about your background, your life growing up, and maybe walk us through a regular day in your life?

J: Hey there, super happy to take part in an interview for Newlife.

So long, I was born and raised in a small town in the Alps and always loved playing outdoors and just doing things that included adventure and exploring new. After some years, my family moved to a town just 1 hour far away, and I got to know a more urban, more forward-thinking world, which taught me a lot and opened many opportunities for me.

I still live in this town called Innsbruck, although I live in a small complex building that's focused on bringing nature into your home and creates like a forest-like bubble in the middle of the city.

For me, living there is just the perfect way of staying in the town and still slowing down, enjoying nature and some calm when I am at home... (going out of the city into the forest is 5 min with the bike).

N: I'm really excited about this chat because your social media presence seems to capture a bigger shift in culture that I'd love to discuss. Over the past few years, there's been this noticeable change in the image of "aspiration." It's like a reset button was hit, and suddenly, a healthy lifestyle, enjoying the great outdoors, and having a solid crew of friends has become cooler than the traditional party scene and high-end fashion events. It's almost like holistic health has become the new fashion. Do you have any thoughts on this? When you started getting more active on social media, did you expect your content to connect with so many? Do you think you just happened to "ride the wave" of this changing vibe?

J: Social media was never something I aspired to do or was a big interest of mine, but it just worked out like IDK somehow. My posts got more than 10,000 likes, and it kinda made me ride the wave, and that's where we end up here, 18,000 followers. It's just pictures out of my life, nothing staged, nothing fake. It's just images I adventure every day. I am quite happy not to fit into the party scene just because I never saw myself staying up late and partying late.

I'm waking up early to catch the sunrise and feel alive. I feel most alive feeling something I have never felt before, and it's nature that gives me all of it!

I happily just wore the right brand at the right time (Arc'teryx & Salomon). They helped me get followers on Instagram, but I think most people stayed for the permanent feeling I make them feel!

N: We've seen fashion change too, with technical wear or "gorpcore" becoming the new hype. Personally, I thought it was a cool change – if fashion can get people excited about being active and outdoorsy, why not? Do you think fashion trends like gorpcore have the power to nudge people towards a more active lifestyle? Like, they come for the style but end up staying for how healthy living makes them feel.

J: They definitely come for the style. I mean, Arc'teryx is big even in the UK. I hope 1% or more stay for the lifestyle and just start a more active life.

More exercises, more going out to do stuff, more hiking, and of course, more cycling since that's the number one thing I am praising to people.

N: You've got some awesome collaborations and sponsorships with fashion brands like Salomon and Arc'teryx. Where do you see these opportunities taking you? In other words, what's your professional vision for the future? More collaborations, maybe branching out into fashion consultancy?

J: I have never thought about getting involved in fashion or even consulting, but I am not really against it! I love fashion; it's part of who I am, and I want to be working in that field. Maybe when the perfect way comes along, I will accept it and work with them, but since now, nothing in that field happened, and that's okay!

N: To wrap it up, could you share your most treasured fashion piece and the story behind it? Like, where'd you snag it from?

J: I am really good at snagging up pieces from willhaben.at and eBay, so my most sought-after piece is probably my Arc'teryx x Palace beta jacket, which I never wear, but it's just a culturally important piece that I never want to get rid of it! It's my one of one!

All images courtesy of Jonas

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