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Catching up with Spain's Fashion Darling: Sebastian from ONRUSHW23FH
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N: Hi Sebastian, how are you? Could you give me a glimpse into what's been happening in your life behind the scenes?

S: Hello, I am good. A little bit tired but all good. To be honest, my life behind the scenes has been filled with work and more work over the past few months.

N: You operate your brand ONRUSHW23FH as a duo with Albert Sanchez. How did you guys meet and what are your individual strengths and areas of work?

S: Yes, we started the project together two and a half years ago. We actually met during university, as we were in the same Fashion Design class. I would say we are both pretty much equal in terms of strengths. Starting this project from scratch and being able to grow and grow professionally alongside it has allowed us to be quite flexible and versatile when it comes to work, thus gaining a lot of experience in many different scopes aside from design.

N: I first discovered your brand when your Twirl Jeans became a must-have piece in cool circles across the world. Did you have any inkling that this would happen when designing them?

S: It's always a little bit shocking and exciting to hear those kinds of things about our clothes.

If we're completely honest, when we developed the Twirl Jeans, there was never the intention of creating a must-have piece, or even something that the brand would be recognized for. We just thought the shape was really cool and wanted to come up with a new shape for normal jeans.

N: I really think Look 33 from your latest collection has the potential to achieve the same level of popularity and exposure. Is that the new direction you guys are going into? More sculptural, couture-esque pieces?

S: Thank you for the words. Actually, that is the direction we're going into. We are both into couture and we never intended to become a haute couture brand, but we definitely admire craftsmanship and would love to incorporate that into our work, in addition to the sculptural silhouette research we've already been doing until now.

N: What is one accomplishment that you are particularly proud of?

S: I think that having the opportunity to work with people from the industry whom we have admired during our careers, and what's more, having them come to us because of our work, would be the one accomplishment we would be more proud of.

All images courtesy of ONRUSHW23FH.
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