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Newcoin for People

Link your Web accounts to your NewID and use Newcoin OS to interact with a network of apps and AI models to accumulate Watts, the currency of creativity. Watts define your share of the AI models royalties.

Newcoin for Apps

Plug your app to the agent graph and turn it into a fully interoperable adaptive learning system with a few lines of code. Augment the intelligence of smart contracts and algorithms by leveraging cutting-edge AI for measuring trust and quality.

Newcoin for AI Models

Join an open AI ecosystem where each computation adds up to a hypernetwork abstracting weights and coefficients, where each data originator is weighted based on their domain expertise and anomaly detection.

Newcoin for Token Holders

Participate in the Proof-of-Creativity consensus by staking or delegating your NCO tokens into agent graph pools. Each staking is rewarded for improving the security and decentralization of the network.

Claim your username and connect your profiles across the internet. It's encrypted and private.
Your Account will receive a Watt score from 0 to 80 and you can always increase it.
Based on your Watts, your account is trusted and you get benefits and rewards.

A collective superintelligence to accelerate creativity

Pioneering decentralized AI since 2019, we are encoding social interactions into a predictive consensus mechanism for creative energy.

Our goal is fully automated identity, resource allocation and coordination while maximizing trust and privacy.

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