The web3 value graph is here

web3 值图在这里

El value graph web3 está aquí

web3 वैल्यू ग्राफ यहां है

A web3 graph assembling identity, market and governance smart contracts into a shared substrate for the creative economy. The operating system is programmable through a consensus-driven merge mechanism.

Newcoin is a public network based on Proof-of-Creativity, a clout model that combines Verifiable Credentials and social liquidity mining. You can build social NFT marketplaces, DeFi and DAOs with a simple Typescript SDK.

A TCP/IP for the creative economy

Dive into the vision

Newcoin is a protocol for coordination between creators based on a new kind of interactivity. Unlike social graphs which focus on personal relationships, the Newcoin web3 graph is based on creative value coordination.

As the graph expands, the supply of Newcoin $NCO gets locked into each node, making the network increasingly decentralized and secure. In exchange for locking $NCO, each wallet receives LP tokens with native utility, from DAO governance rights to NFT purchases to mining rewards.

A shared substrate for networked web3 applications

Newcoin is an open graph where users can switch between experiences (or views) and can choose among a wide variety of collaborative filtering algorithms to sort content. Data, reputation and liquidity are fully interoperable across the network.

Developers can skip rebuilding the whole stack and focus on product experience. It solves the cold start problem and produces a collaborative environment where each application amplifies the others.

“Creators are more in control than ever, owning their distribution.”
— Kinjal Shah
"Social and cultural capital are real capital."
— Evin McMullen
“As individuals our powers are limited. In groups we become exponentially stronger..”
— Yancey Strickler

Newcoin is designed for consensus-driven programmability, where the best ideas for smart contracts are voted in by the community and merged into the operating system as a public utility. It means all the stack is fully interoperable and each tool can be shared by all application developers.

The function of the token is to enable governance, license market, purchasing products from creators and digital land within the ecosystem.

A decentralised social graph where qualitative metrics and intellectual property are tokenised, allowing creators and audiences to coordinate through a diversity of UIs and algorithms competing to provide the best experience over creator-owned digital assets.

Social 3.0 has 3 layers: free-market UI, free-market graph and decentralised open-state database as public utility. As a consequence, the internet will shift from the centralised attention economy to the decentralised creative economy.

Welcome to the 12,000,000 JS developers!

Newcoin ~i/O Software Development Kit

Build web3 apps directly in Javascript. All the mechanics, tokenomics and contracts are public and you can query them via Typescript API calls with your own token.

Newcoin ~

Build your own UI on top of the Newcoin web3 value graph, enabling peer-to-peer network effects where communities own their data and intellectual property.

Creators Case Studies

With the explosion of DeFi, NFT, scalable and inter-operable protocols, It is now time to take social net-working into the Web 3.0 stack. With the explosion of DeFi, NFT, scalable and inter-operable protocols, It is now time to take social net-working into the Web 3.0 stack.With the explosion of DeFi, NFT, scalable and inter-operable protocols, It is now time to take social net-working into the Web 3.0 stack.

Half of the world's population is currently using social networking apps and has been locked-in through network effect.

A web3 graph with open-state composable architecture. A massively multi-client layered environment enabling granular crypto onboarding for the next billion users.

“The passion economy is the what; the ownership economy is the how.”
— Li Jin
"Web 3.0 is an inclusive set of protocols to provide building blocks for application makers."
— Gavin Wood
“In the future, data structures will be decoupled from the UIs”
— Juan Benet

Building the web3 graph takes a village

Native sybil resistance

Identity contracts are shared by all applications, making reputation compound across the ecosystem and optimize for smarter airdrops, governance and consensus mechanisms.

Decentralized ownership

Each event written on-chain requires RAM space, which can be purchased by locking $NCO, turning all users into infrastructure owners.

Automated cash-flows

Creators safely receive swap fees and NFT royalties across all applications based on native and immutable smart contracts.

Universal Multistaking

One staking event unlocks a wide range of benefits, from tokengated commerce, experiences, content, communities, to fractal governance, consensus and clout.

“DAOs are internet communities with a shared bank account and ownership.”
— William M. Peaster
“If you can build a token, if you can build a culture, then you can rebuild the world”
— Vitalik Buterin
“The next stage of the web is the decentralized creator economy.”
— Naval