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Link your Web accounts and focus on creating while the algorithm measures and rewards your creative energy with points and crypto.
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Newcoin's design is the culmination of a decade of research at the nexus of behavioral economics, network science, and media theory. Our extensive fieldwork encompasses experiments and interviews, across social media, crypto networks, and artificial intelligence, engaging over 40,000 users on our platforms.
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Claim your username and connect your profiles across the internet. It's encrypted and private.
Your Account will receive a Watt score from 0 to 80 and you can always increase it.
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We are building a superintelligence to empower creators.

Imagine a world where creativity is measured in real-time by algorithms so it can be valued and rewarded seamlessly.

By virtue of expressing yourself, you add value to the world and Newcoin is the currency that accounts for this value.

Newcoin accelerates upward mobility for creatives worldwide.

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