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Power Found Through Art, Pegnosis Forges His Own Path
NCO 078

N: Hi, how have you been Pegnosis? Should we call you by this name?
P: Peg is fine. As for how I'm doing, the answer is great. feeling very thankful at the moment.

N: Could you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got into art?
P: Yes, I was born in Atlanta, Ga, and raised in Columbus, Ohio. I've been creating since I could hold a pencil and have always approached art with an attitude of discovery. I don't have what you would call a traditional background in the least and because of that, I find myself feeling like an imposter at times. Most of what I know was the product of experimentation or accident.

As time goes on though I'm learning that any process is a valid one as long as one can claim it as their own.

N: Even though you're still an upcoming artist, I feel like you've created a style of your own...I struggle to describe with references your artistic style..which is a good thing! It can be reminiscent of ancient artifacts, sometimes haunted imagery, and sometimes it has a more pop art aspect to it, somewhat similar to Murakami’s work. Like in your piece “GAZE” for instance. How do you think your work fits into the larger art world landscape?
P: First off I have to thank you for not mentioning Basquiat - it's become a comparison I can't seem to escape due to the colour of my skin.
I think surrealism best describes the brand of art I'm currently exploring i.e. unexpected juxtapositions, dream-like imagery, and deep dives into the unconscious mind. Elements from the natural and physical worlds, as well as past and present cultures, stain every inch of my work.

Each piece is a relic of a given moment in time; my thoughts personified, dreams calcified, and emotions given flesh.
A close friend of mine once described my work as an organism, saying it had a life of its own apart from me.

I thought this was beautiful and ever since I've related to each piece differently, treating them as something both living and breathing, allowing them to tell me where they want to go, how they want to look and most importantly giving them the proper space they need to speak for themselves.

N: One of my favorite works of yours is “Boygirl”. It reminds me of ancient sculptures from lost temples in south-east Asia (where I am from). Could you tell us a bit more about this piece and maybe its connection to spirituality?

P: Boygirl is one of many generative explorations whose existence is owed partially to AI. It's funny that you mention south-east asian artifacts because It was born from my fascination with those sculptures as well as ones from India and Nigeria. The process entailed hours of cross-breeding imagery in Midjourney utilizing past works I've created and found imagery, collaging, and airbrushing select elements in Photoshop and finally enhancing the image using an image upscaler (again powered by an a.i) It's a discussion on creation's relationship with duality; which I believe to be the face or faces of God. Opposing forces seldom realize their connection. What is thought to be one takes the form of two or so says divine order. Duality (or God) is depicted as two children bathed in gold who are bound to grow eternally together. 

N: I’ve also loved your recent experiments with sculptures...pieces like “Divide”, “Gut”, “Mirror”, “Path”, “Surface” and more. Is this a medium that you would like to explore more in the future? How did this series come about?

P: Thank you! Yes, sculpture is definitely a medium I want to continue to sharpen my skills in. The works mentioned are from part two of an ongoing series I started earlier this year called "Seed" which is a meditation on growth and understanding. Seed found its start in the midst of an inner crisis I was going through back in January. At the time I felt a bit hopeless and began to question my path and purpose (as most artists do.)

These works depict the scars formed from the self-surgery that took place to bring the answers I sought to light. Using found materials, insulation foam, and a bit of paint I was able to capture what I feel to be change calcified and pain extruded.

N: Thank you for taking the time to talk with us today, and to finish on a lighter note, what i coming next from you ?
P: More explorations, more collaborations, and maybe even a bit of clothing ;). Thank you so much for having me. Peace and Love. 

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