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Newcoin algorithmic points can serve to expedite the recognition and visibility of high-quality profiles and content. This is achieved by harnessing vast and varied data sources that evaluate the creative output of content creators, effectively distinguishing valuable contributions from irrelevant content, automated postings, and inauthentic bot activity. By aggregating these points, social media platforms can refine their content curation algorithms, leading to a more meaningful and enriching user experience.

Algorithmic Multipliers
Base points can be utilized as multipliers in existing algorithms, such as search or content discovery, enhancing the relevance of results based on the creative merit of users.

Content Ranking
The accumulation of base points could be directly proportional to the prominence of a user's content on social feeds, ensuring that high-quality content from creators with substantial base points receives more visibility.

Posting Limits
Daily limits on content posting could be dynamically adjusted based on a user's base point balance, encouraging consistent quality and rewarding valuable contributors with increased exposure.

Content Recommendation Amplification
Content recommendation algorithms could use base points to amplify the scores of suggested posts, aligning user experiences with recognized quality and creativity.

Curatorial Weight Adjustment
Likes and feedback from users with high Watts (a measure of their creativity and contribution) could carry more weight, enhancing the significance of interactions from esteemed community members.

Bot and Spam Mitigation
The impact of content creators with lower scores, potentially indicative of bots or low-quality content producers, could be minimized to protect the integrity of the network.

Libraries like web3.js or ethers.js, commonly used to query token balances, can be repurposed to query base points, allowing smart contracts, backends, and clients to access and use this information seamlessly. By selecting specific merits (e.g., IWATT for imagination, CWATT for curation, DWATT for discernment), platforms can tailor their algorithms to prioritize content and interactions that align with their values and goals, creating a more curated and quality-driven digital environment.