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safe.energy FAQ
Proof-of-Creativity is the name of the Newcoin algorithm. It is based on the combination of all the PowerUPs from all the agents in the network, and it produces a score called WATT. Some agents are users with a blockchain wallet, while others are bots or artificial intelligence using data processes to distribute PowerUPs.
Creative Energy
Creative energy is the electromagnetic field that traverses our neurons, shaping ideas, turning symbols into alphabet, words, sentences, stories and civilisations. Our creative energy is the true value in our economy. It has been devalued and harvested by corporate systems and Newcoin allows you to own, control and distribute the flow of your creative energy on your own terms.
The flow of creative energy is the value that comes out of your mind and your body when you generate new ideas or curate new content.
Newcoin has a currency that is created based on creative energy. This currency is also called Newcoin, like the name of the network and the symbol of the currency which is NCO or $NCO. You can exchange it for any other currency like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or United States Dollars (USD).
In a simple click, you can vouch for someone and earn rewards as their Creative Energy increases. It's like giving an endorsement or a mark of appreciation, and the system rewards you for your opinion and taste.
When you PowerUP someone, you show appreciation for their work and you swap your Newcoin against their token. With this token you can purchase their assets and gain access to their premium content, app, features and communities.
Minerals are assets you receive based on your skills, achievement and creative energy. They are free and can't be purchased or sold. You can convert them into Watts which are the metric of creative energy.
Your creative energy is measured in WATT. It's a token that you receive that adds to your profile, and the more you have, the more influence you gain within the network. It also defines your level of financial rewards.
Your Watts are the sum of all your minerals and the amount of PowerUPs you received from the community. With more Watts, you get more rewards and unlock more features.