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Points gating, modeled after the concept of token gating but utilizing Newcoin's algorithmic points derived from the Proof-of-Creativity (PoC) framework, introduces a nuanced method for access control and community engagement across digital platforms. By assessing the diverse facets of creativity and contribution, points gating leverages the multifaceted nature of PoC to offer a more dynamic and equitable approach to unlocking content, features, and communities. This method not only recognizes a wide spectrum of contributions but also aligns access and rewards with the true value created within the ecosystem.

Access Control Based on Creative Contributions
Different levels of access or privileges within platforms can be gated behind specific thresholds of Watts, ensuring that users’ engagement and creative outputs directly influence their access to resources and communities. For instance, access to exclusive forums or the ability to participate in certain DAOs could require a minimum balance of IWATTs, emphasizing the value of imagination and innovation.

Tailored Community Engagement
Communities can tailor their engagement strategies by setting gates based on specific types of Watts, such as CWATT for curation excellence or DWATT for discernment. This allows communities to foster specific values or skills among their members, creating a more targeted and cohesive group dynamic.

Incentivization of Diverse Contributions
By recognizing different forms of contribution (e.g., PAWATT for participation, EWATT for ethical contributions), points gating encourages a broader spectrum of engagement within the platform. Users are incentivized not just for content creation but for a wide range of valuable activities, from active participation to upholding community standards.

Dynamic Adjustment for Inclusivity and Growth
Points gating can dynamically adjust thresholds based on the evolving landscape of contributions and community needs, ensuring that the gating mechanism remains inclusive and adaptable. This flexibility supports the growth and evolution of the community, allowing it to remain vibrant and relevant over time.

Implementing points gating requires a few key steps:

Integration with Newcoin’s Metrics
Platforms must integrate with Newcoin’s system to query the algorithmic points balances of their users, similar to querying token balances. This integration forms the basis for determining access and privileges based on the diverse facets of PoC.

Setting Gating Criteria
Define clear criteria for points gating, including the specific types of Watts required for different levels of access or privileges. These criteria should reflect the platform's values and the types of engagement they wish to incentivize.

User Interface for Transparency
Develop user interfaces that transparently communicate the gating criteria and how users’ points balances align with these criteria. This transparency helps users understand how their contributions impact their access and what actions they can take to engage more deeply with the platform.

Feedback Loop for Continuous Engagement
Implement a feedback loop that encourages continuous engagement by showing users how their activities contribute to their points balances and, consequently, how these points unlock various levels of access. This loop not only motivates sustained participation but also fosters a deeper connection to the community and its values.