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Newcoin ($NCO) is a cryptographic currency distributed via  Proof-of-Creativity: an algorithm designed to reward creative energy. Newcoin is not available for sale on this website, but you can claim your share of it for free by applying.
Newcoin is the friend you can count on as you step into a new life powered by technology, inspiration and lots of fun. While artificial intelligence grows exponentially, driving up the value of human creativity, cryptocurrencies facilitate new economic models for creators.
The Proof-of-Creativity algorithm is designed to distribute Newcoin ($NCO) to a database of creators recognised by the integration of AI with human curation. We are forming an experimental collective of 800 explorers who will be granted early access to the Newcoin ecosystem. This is the entryway to a series of gamified applications that enable you to own your data, license it, earn by training AI models and many more secret surprises.
As the Newcoin dataset grows its intelligence with each interaction, the market value of $NCO escalates, benefitting the entire ecosystem. This dynamic expands the opportunity for more creatives to join the flow of Newcoin: a creative ecosystem where everyone can thrive.